The inspiration behind our costumes starts from a spark ignited inside the Costume designers soul. The emotions of design and color inside the designers mind can be ignited through anything that captures that moment. It could be as simple as a note in a piece of music they hear, seeing a colorful blooming flower, or the clouds floating in the blue sky. As the renderings and costume designs take shape on paper, our expert designers look for ornate and intimate fabrics that can be laid onto the body falling seamlessly into place.


The male and female human bodies are very unique and amazing machines. They deserve to move freely and efficiently when  performing on stage meanwhile holding their luster and build when used. We are constantly looking for new ways to build elegant and dynamic costumes designed and uniquely fitted for the performers in our shows expressing the true nature of their characters.

As you walk into our Costume House, it’s  clean and efficient yet its understated elegance is always waiting for its next costume build. At some points the waiting area is packed with Ice and Stage Costumes all organized according to characters and the act they are made for in a production. From warm fiery colors of flowers and the sun, to cool blue tones of the oceans creating geometric and futuristic shapes, to earthly tones of the desert sands, to the many greens of the rain forests; you can feel this sensual organic culture transpiring before your eyes. The costume design and build team work hand in hand from the initial design, to the patterns design, fabric dyeing, screen printing, cutting and the production of the finished costumes. The team also sources and manufactures accessories and makeup, all of which need to withstand intense theaters, cold arenas, and aquatic environments.

We believe performers should always be introduced to their costume design first, and then fall in love with their costume the moment they see it and put it on for the very first time. There is a story behind it and this union of a person and a garment becomes a symbiotic relationship in the show world, and when these two worlds meet positively we feel as one with this energy of pure joy inside. Perfection! Great costumes work for us and the emotions of greatness released on stage wearing them excite people in the seats. They feel WOWED watching the performance take place before their eyes.

Our objective in the costume shop is to maximize the shape dynamics of the female and male body. Our experience is extensive as we have learned through the many years of performing ourselves. We have seen and worn the great ones couture and we have experienced and learned the in and outs as well as problems of other costume builders that have never taken to the stage before. It’s a unique and different world out there on stage for all of us. When one is flying through the air being caught in the sky, or a person is diving into a deep pool of water, to dancing and singing in the streets we need to be able to move well as we all have different needs. Knowing the anatomy of the body and how it moves is key for the garments to work positively.

‘ We really believe you cannot design an outfit only using your own personality, thinking it’s  for your own body because we see bodies come in all shapes and sizes and move so differently. You have to adapt the outfit to the body and personality of the figure your working with.’

All our costumes are built with a purpose to fit and be used to the fullest abilities of the performer. The costumers and costume designers study and perfect each costumes function and wow factor with enviable passion and dedication. We build each with care and a true attention to detail. We know a costume is a tool that has a role to assist the performer revealing the character on stage. A great costume will make the performer feel amazing and enrich the experience whole heartedly when a costume has a life of their own.

The discovery and build of a costume is a spiritual journey of the many involved and it’s a major factor that helps bring the characters of the show to life and is a key element in revealing the shows heart beat to the world. The enthusiasm it takes to create and build these works of art are done by our experienced embroiders, and artisans and costumers. We are indebted to them for their amazing creations of art.

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