This manifesto explains exactly who we are as a family, a business, and why we wish to leave our footprints as a great legacy.

Everything we do, we believe in challenging the status quo, we believe in thinking differently. The way we challenge the status quo is making our products and services beautifully designed, easy to understand, enjoyable to use, and super user-friendly. People support us because we believe in people, the process, and systems making things totally different from the rest. 

“People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.” 

We hope the people who are reading this message become totally engaged and are perfectly comfortable in believing our quest to do better than we did yesterday, the day before that, and the one before that? We as a company and team look at business like a sport. We have goals and we go for the goals. In the sport of hockey we have 60 minutes, in basketball there is 45, in skating there is just about 8 minutes to prove yourself to be the best. Yet in business it is 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year and the whole world is trying to kick your ass. 

What we want to do in our business model is to make industry fair and appealing to the masses. We know people love entertainment, and it is important to always progress positively and not to make things stay the same. The beauty of life is that we can constantly have the chance to change it for the better. We have the power to recreate it and have the power to help others succeed along the way. We can change our thoughts, remembering  how to live instead of only planning each and every moment. We forgive the past, and must be present in the now.  Along with us you too can join our quest to make this world of ours better that we found it even when we face adversity.

Positive Change = Positive Gain

Often I sit and ponder about life and to where the future will lead us. I know I am quiet different from you the reader, and I am not your average follower. I wish to inspire. If one looks around at their surroundings and sees things as they are and says “This is how things have always been done”, I shake my head and say there is always a more efficient way. 

I like to look at situations like this and say to myself, well if everybody is doing it this way that isn’t where the future is and we have to look somewhere else to make a positive impact on others€. If that upsets people that’s their problem. I don’t believe that doing normal is fun, nor is it exciting.  I give praise to people who want to challenge the status quo because they are willing to push their own personal limits further than before, they want to stand out from the crowded the rest. Bravo to them, let’s do this thing.

Days like today I get inspired to write my thoughts down, and to think of how our world seems to work. Happily? Painfully? Open or Closed Minded? Together?  With our company I believe strongly that our mission should be to “Inspire, Create, Collaborate, Engage, Master, and Deliver a superior service and product than our competitors”. Using our teams full potential we really have the leadership to help make our circle grow and help to make our world a better place to live in a positive way through our different mediums. 

I ask myself philosophical questions like, “Is there kind people out there? Are there people who will be trustworthy and honest enough with you and that will stand steadfast with your vision and unite their vision with your quest to make positive changes and make people smile again? Will they give your mission deep-rooted support to drive business further globally? A mission so strong that it will make this world better than it is today? Will they deliver when push comes to shove? Business as we know is hard, its lethal and people are always looking for the negative in every successful business to get ahead. “

Yet, if you have a strong, resilient, but fluid and supple team it can take the competition head on. It becomes special.  One of my largest concerns is people not feeling appreciated. I take it to heart that people feel like they are part of something special, something that has a heartbeat. I want our people to invest in our dynamic energy, and make their own smart calculated decisions. We are a family of elite athletes, performers, coaches, and business people and our mission is simple,

“Be the Absolute Best We Can Be Together”.

All of these questions seem to lead to a double-edged sword, but YES I believe there is good in people. We just need them to believe in themselves first and then guide them in trust of success. We need them to believe in our fluid thinking strategies, our ability to break down stressful complex situations and bring them to simple solutions and resolutions under pressure for our clients. This is where it brings us to using the “WOW” Brain Mentality. I really believe that we all have the ability to use our minds to impact others in a positive light.

We need and we want our people to say positive affirmations like:

  • I can be successful like them, because:
  • I can control my actions.
  • Ill get better and better each day.
  • Nobody can take away my effort.
  • Theres a mountain of free information out there I can tap into.
  • Im coachable and willing to learn from others.

Once the “WOW” cycle gets moving it creates a self-perpetuating loop of more action, more motivation, more momentum and a greater sense of self-worth. We all have the ability to inspire, and this is why we live by the motto,

Live to Inspire and Inspire to Live

We have all watched the recent online increase of people hurting others around the world. Be it bullying, to war, from racism, to animal cruelty. I am saddened deep in my soul because people pursue their plain hatred of others due to their own personal pain and suffering in their lives. In my opinion, those people who take advantage of these situations have no conscious, nor a turn off switch for themselves. They have no awareness to basic human rights either. It is so fundamental to us all yet little is done to help make things right.

After meeting Richard Branson at a function in London a few years ago we were inspired by his charisma, his persona, and his vibe for life itself. So much so I started to study his books like “Screw It Lets Do It” and a vast amount of interviews. He is the ultimate entrepreneur and I was astonished at what he and his companies went through as they grew. 

I said to Jodeyne my wife, skating partner, and business partner we can do things better too. If he can do it we can do it and make it enjoyable at the same time. I’ve read and studied for 9 years while I was out working on the high seas performing day in and day out. When everyone was partying, I was learning. I was studying corporate structures, asset allocation, marketing, and coaching. 

I was building a foundation for success with great guidance. There were days that passed by in a snap and I would look back at my 3 old laptops saying to myself I wore that many keys and processors out. Not kidding at all I have a stack of them collecting dust. I was learning leadership roles from Captains and Hotel Directors and I received great mentoring from some great ones too. 

I took part in Human Resource classes only offered to officers for leadership practices. I learned budgeting and spreadsheets to communication along with Jodeyne. We witnessed so many installs of new shows, and literally have had burnt out feet and bodies from production preparation. We learned so much good and bad over the years we wanted to eliminate all the bad and produce great products with extremely happy clients. Giving up fun through those years added up positively because I wanted to focus on building our future, and to help with the future for others down the road.

If you knew me growing up I could not read well because of my dyslexia and well it really sucks to have it. I see the world in a whole different way than most. I see it in pictures and I am a massive puzzle solver because of it. I pushed through like I do today trying to gain an edge on how things were done, how things are done, and where things need to go in the future. If you knew how many times my bosses said to me €œNo that’s not the way we do it here, I just shake my head. 

See I was a janitor from the age of 9 for my Aunts and Uncles Horse Farm cleaning stalls for a lot of horses everyday on my summers and vacations, to cleaning carpets at IBM towers at the age of 13 for my Uncles Carpet Cleaning company, and then at the age of 16 till 22 working in a maximum security young offenders jail as a cleaner. Yup, I trained for my sport and supported paying for it being a toilet bowl scrubber. 

I use to say to my bosses there is only so many ways to clean a toilet, or toss horse crap, or get gum out of the carpet, and get rid of maggots. Or is there? It was not ego that drove me to do things my way, it was because my curiosity of wanting to do things better and to grow efficiently and effective from it. 

If you can create a set of systems to clean well your can do pretty much anything. There are some people though that I am really appreciative for because they made me think, they made me be on my toes, they made me focus, and they pushed me emotionally to make me into a better person. Though, I am really thankful to all those people who told me “NO” because it drove me to be better, more efficient, smarter, focused, and driven to succeed as I am today. I am so appreciative because I am always ready for a good battle. Hey we may not always win, but its worth the fight in business when you are sound, ethical, happy, and there’s no poop in the way.

Over my 45 years I have seen many things with my own eyes, as have you the person reading this. There are people out there that will give everything they have to help others out in need and desperation. I am one of those people and I have learned what it is to give when I have nothing left but my hands and hard work ethic to donate. What it is to help and expect nothing? 

Sacrificing my time, and earning power to help others try to push their own personal limits. I have now come to the point where my amazing sponsors explained to me when I was growing up and learning about life and business from them that Nothing is for free. They taught me money is simply a reward system. Do great things, do a great job at something and you should be rewarded for it monetarily. 

Money comes and goes but with great business ethics and ideals they taught me one thing that was more important than money and that was “RESPECT”. Respecting others in every regard possible for their Honesty, Time, and Hard Work. Praise them if they give you the desired results or better. It’s a given a monitory reward for the value of what they produced for you and of their time is key.

It is mathematical and money must be fair. We all need to be able to put food on the table, clothes on our backs, a roof over our heads, and pay the bills too. One of the very reasons I became a producer is because I want our company to make a positive change in the producer establishment for the business world-wide. R.O.I. and reward need to be balanced appropriately. 

I think it is terrible that people are paid unfairly and there is no standard worldwide for fees in the entertainment industry. I believe we should have a standard for people to be compensated with, I also think it is only fair for it to trickle down the pipeline to make this a great money-maker for the company in the end. At SeaJo we will have the best performers competing in a hugely competitive market to produce the best shows possible.

I look around the world at current productions houses and other establishments and also for the ones that we have worked for in the past. It was a pleasure to be a part of most of them and we had some amazing times over the years and made so many great life long friends in the process. 

I have also looked at the ones that have existed for decades and instead of embracing the new kids on the block they simply push the new businesses around, undercutting them, and blocking them from deals, pushing them out of markets. Competition is tough but with a streamlined company that is efficient and effective business can grow exponentially, and draw market share away from their collective mentality of beliefs.

I believe every person or business should earn respect and not be just given it. To me that’s great precursor to success. I figure if you are getting pushed around a little bit you’re doing something right because they know your coming, and I like competition and every time I, or we lose a battle its one step further in learning and preparing for success and to win the war as my father always said to me.

Being Canadian myself and cheering for Guy Laliberté from the sidelines, a man with a vision really proving that as a team with great leadership we too can make a positive impact in the future of entertainment in our own way. He being one of the co-founders of Cirque Du Solei, proves that with courage and the right team of people it can be done. 

Building an Entertainment Empire from circus street performers and thinking bigger and outside of the box was key. Over and over again they grew into a success making a whole new world of circus acts for athletes and performers to perform all over the globe is simply amazing. It took courage, commitment, and a powerful vision to break away from the old ways of doing things and getting things done.

This is why we built SeaJo to take our chance in the market which needs fresh blood and ambition, and if we were to fail (I think that it was worth pushing forward) trying our absolute best to wake people up. I got a feeling we are here to stay for the ride. The quest for us is to help create a positive quality of life and for the life of others is so important to me and their happiness and well-being. 

I have many friends that have said to me I need to get away from here I am not growing, I am caught in a rut. I personally wish for everyone to be able to stand on their two feet knowing that they too can be the difference the world needs, a positive change for all when they find their team of people to help them reach for the stars. 

I had one skating friend whom was a show skater turned coach and very happy mother as well stand with me this past year and say to me, “Sean, you and Jodeyne need to push through because of what I went through with how that world works.” I was hurt physically and emotionally and I was a principal for so many years for them all and there was no thanks from any of them at the end. I was their star when they needed me, and you guys whom I never knew personally but from television at first have always been there to help me get through the tough of times. 

The times when I needed them most, you were there to listen to me as a sounding board and help guide me. The best part is you never lost touch, and have never stopped being a friend till this day and I know for a fact you have helped many more people like myself. I smiled at her and my student heard the conversation and she said wow that was nice of her to say those kind things. I mentioned my bosses did the same thing to us kiddo, that’s why I want to coach and produce to help more people out.

People will always say poor things about others no matter what, making them feel better about themselves. How they act in stressful situations, brings out insecurities, and fears. Being on the show business stage side for so many years and now knowing most of both sides of the table, I can see where the lies and deceit have come from in both clients and talent too. I believe in standing up for my values, beliefs and needs before my wants and desires. 

Maybe not everyone believes in what I believe in, but trust me they are sound values and beliefs, and ones that I care about dearly and will fight for. It is so easy to talk negatively about anyone and I refuse to use that as my first line of offense for the upbringing of our establishment. I have learnt that growing as a person and as a business one I must let go of the past, definitely learn from all of it and start to bloom naturally. Sure sell yourself in a positive light, but really mean what you say. 

Know your path, understand there is no limits, there is nothing out there that can stop you from being amazing but yourself.

The one true leader, does not chop down its people at the knees, in fact a true leader of a team leads by example and empowers the people around them to empower their team of people to perform and out-perform their last performance. Too many people try to micro manage their team, true leaders will show encouragement for people doing, and trying their best. To me having my teams know there is open communication from the top down is key. 

Sure there is chains of command for getting things done, but I do not believe in closing down the communication system at all. It is the only way we can grow the business, and knowing that the people that we hire know that they have a place in the heartbeat of the SeaJo Company family. 

I truly believe that as a company if the people have a common goal, and if we can grow a business that is built on TRUST, HONOR, DIGNITY, and COURAGE people will come by the tens of thousands into the millions maybe even billions one day to see our shows and help build our brand, and brand name all over the world. I thank the coaches, mentors, and the people I have worked for in the past to teach me the way I want to see the world and go for it. I truly believe we are on the edge of making something special happen.

All the Best and may you have the most amazing day,

Sean Rice

Founder & C.E.O. SeaJo Productions and Entertainment, Inc.

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