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A New Era of Production + Coaching

You know that stuff that’s missing from your life?
Speed. Exhilaration. Passion and Pure excitement. Look no further.

Expand your horizons

Limits. Boundaries. Borders. You’ve spent your whole life ignoring them. Don’t stop now.

Beautifully Simple

Intuitive. Smart. Powerful. Ergonomic. Thoughtful features. It all means you’ll spend less time looking down and more time looking out to the world that awaits you.

Stunning Productions of Function

We set ourselves a simple challenge: design the most beautiful shows incorporating the most spectacular sports and arts in the world. You be the judge.

Versatility Load your Gear + Drive + Fly + Sail

SeaJo is a unique production company that takes action. We use systems and standards to guide us through the means so you can head out and take off knowing we got it right. Whenever you choose. Wherever you choose. We are on the move5-4-3-2-1-take action. 

Safe & Sound

We are Proactive and Injury-Resistant as possible? A SeaJo production comes equipped with an especially amazing team of talent including creatives, performers, riggers, technicians, crew, and business people to make it work. These are some of the best safety features we hope you’ll never need when things are done right the first time.

SeaJo Production Facility

Located in Tampa and Toronto, our Production Facilities are now operational for shows.

Art Meets Body

The inherent function of every feature of the human body is expressed through its design. It’s why the production looks as dynamic as the experience it delivers.

A Product of Passion

What does it take to make a show this good? Hundreds or so incredibly passionate people with decades of experience on their hands. And some serious skills.

A Technical Tour de Force

SeaJo uses the most cutting-edge people, technology, materials, and techniques via training to achieve stellar performances. From Cast to crew, from the office to our contractors. We are a perfect blend of business, art and science.

Meticulous Execution

Machines are precise. People are meticulous. In our case, obsessively so. It’s what makes the ICONIC moment such a unique experience at SeaJo.

Prepare to be Impressed

Every detail of our shows are considered. You know, the kind of thing that just makes you smile because someone’s thought about it.

Easy as 1, 2, 3

It takes one person just two minutes to build the anticipation of the crowd to erupt with applause, be ready for the open skies. Elegantly simple and rewarding.

Master the Elements of People

Our team build rapport with heart unlike no other. We live by a code of ethics and honor. Wherever you need us we are seamless. So Good and Easy.

Always Under Control

It took thousands of hours of training, testing and development work through the years. But now the SeaJo is ready for the world. Be the ambitious with us and take control of your destiny.

Peace of Mind at Anytime

Nobody likes to think about emergencies. We had to because we learned first hand by other production companies mistakes. So if you or any of our performers and production and crew encounter the unexpected, we’ve got it covered. 

Hydro-dynamic + Aero-dynamic + Human-dynamic = Dynamic

Whether you’re maneuvering on the ice, the ground, in the water, or in the air, the SeaJo company is designed to handle predictably and like a well-mannered sports car with heart + soul.

Building the Show

Located in Tampa + Toronto, SeaJo’s Production Facilities are operational for producing shows from scratch.

Rigging and Set-up

Composite components and aluminum are trimmed and holes are drilled to accommodate systems such as the power-plants, electrics, ice, structure, lights + video, gear, sound, pyro, and flight control hardware for flyers that’s needed to get the show up and going.

The Nitty Gritty of Rigging

Subassemblies are built up at stations adjacent to the portions of the main production line where they will be installed onto the set design.

Let’s Get ‘Er Done

Once external and internal structural components are joined and bonded and assembled, major assemblies such as the set and components are ready for paint, bodywork, lights, and texture.

The Final Setup

Once sets and stage controls, rigging, lighting, wiring harnesses, and other electrical components are installed, the show is ready to be “closed out” by bonding and joining the final parts of the stage and doing above standard  safety checks for maximum safety and scrutiny.

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