THE WORLD IS OUR OYSTER, our vision and our stories touch and embody the emotions which dwell deep with inside of our souls. In return this gives us the human experience. We carefully curate and bring people of the world together to share the light of life on stage. In our process we develop a fusion of inspiration and creativity from amazing people, places, and things. This truly embodies the beginning of our story telling abilities. Our goal is simple, “Amazement!’, from little kids to the most mature of audiences, we want to touch all their hearts and have them walking out of our shows wanting more.

Meshing our creative vision with reality, we assemble visionaries and send them on a quest to enlighten your soul using multiple mediums. We believe telling stories is an emotional rollercoaster ride, stimulated but culture, age, race, and more. We laugh, we cry, we get awed, we get scared, all of these emotions move us deep inside of us all. To enhance that experience we use tools to stimulate your senses even further in our shows.

Having a great story and sparking emotions through the use of seeing, hearing, feeling is everything for our spectators and this is what we live for. We believe in simplicity as the ultimate form of sophistication. We believe in people driven with passions and their quality tools to help excite and stimulate our minds. From the audio, visual, and lighting effects, to set design, to the creative painting designs changed into the vibrant costumes the performers wear too much more. These people and their tools and their abilities support the raw talent whom encompass our stages is truly amazing in itself.

Our talents ability to tell their story transcends across the stage to the audience with their skill giving the show a heartbeat. When the body of work comes together and starts to move as one we know the teamwork, technical understanding, training, courage, and passion breaths. We let our performers take to the stage to unleash their abilities and they in turn enlighten the crowds around the world when the stage comes alive.

Creation lives at our very core. Our creative impulses run deep in our veins and drives us to be better, be new, be focused, and to use technology to make our systems efficient and effective. We believe in team, and the power of the individuals that make the team up. We believe in their believe in passion, their honor, trust, and ability to deliver the a quality product. We believe in building strong and lasting working relationships with our people, and our clients. We nurture and seed the ideals and special qualities of every single person at SeaJo.

From our Studio Space to our cast and crew, we are all about the creation of lasting memories. We write compelling stories, choreograph spectacular shows, we create teams, we train people, we design costumes, edit music, design sets and props, and are constantly growing whilst continually reinventing ourselves and our art form in the process. We have high expectations and strive to deliver the “WOW” to our clients and audiences around the world.

Wherever we go, it is our intention to bring world’s human talents, artistic disciplines and technical innovations together and transform the vistas we take our creations to. We curiously approach our shows with humility studying the culture and history of the areas for a purposeful and positive experience. We believe in making joyous experiences for the people who cheer for us night after night sitting in the seats watching our savior faire.

Enjoy our Passion and remember, there is no greater feeling than being able to give everything you have and know in your heart that you have more to give another day….that is the true meaning of abundance in your life!

Live with Passion!

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