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With all the elements in place SeaJo connects the dots and we bring great people together. We cater to the many needs of our clients, and we adapt  to solving problems as fast as possible. We cast and position strong people in their roles so they can stand out as well as they stand for something on stage. We help brands connect to their audience through shared values and interests. This internal ideology allows us to see a brand as a connected system of experiences, with the brand’s mission driving everything at its core.


production, noun: a movie, play, or other performance, esp. when viewed in terms, of its making or staging.

SeaJo brings the best of the best athletes, performers, and musicians to any major ice show and production. We build our own productions from the ground up and we also holistically work seamlessly with a client’s needs when we are under contract. We unite our existing production team to enhance the end product build.

SeaJo has worked the stage with major recording artists like Cold Play and OneDirection. We’ve worked with the Munich Philharmonic, been apart of world-famous festivals like the Olympics and ParalympicsGlastonury,   the Chinese New Year in Hong Kong, and  Winter Festivals in Wolfsburg, Germany. We have highlighted the stages of Royal Caribbean Productions Ice Shows, and Toured around the World for Dancing on Ice and Holiday on Ice. We have been apart of International Movies as well as Reality Television productions in the UK ,Canada and Sweden, to name just a few.


Corporate Events

e-vent, noun: a thing that happens, esp. one of importance.

SeaJo creates classic and modern custom experiences for businesses, from Fortune 500 companies, to weddings, small museums, or gallery openings. We cater to many forms of entertainment from on-stage performances to interactive environments to impress your guests with raw talent and entertainment designed particularity for your brand. We inspire employees with a one-of-a-kind dynamic event experiences, tailored to embody a theme or concept of your choice.


Private Parties

par-ty, noun: a social gathering of invited guest, often involving eating, drinking, celebration.

Whether you’re looking to add a little flair to an intimate gathering, or want to blow your guests’ minds with a spectacular event experience, a day or night with SeaJo will gratify your wildest desires and exceed your guest’s expectations. Be it a family friendly event or a sleek and sultry celebrity gathering, no one forgets a SeaJo party. We bring the right people to the party to make it unique, fun and memorable.


Special Events

special, adj.: bigger, greater, or otherwise different from what is usual.

From National and International competition and award shows to the Olympics, there is no event that won’t be made more memorable with SeaJo’s involvement. The skilled performers and production teams of SeaJo can work in any venue (or create one) to turn a special event into a bigger, greater, more enthralling experience for everyone involved to enjoy.

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