A man who lives with passion and his heart on his sleeve, is a leader, entrepreneur, adventurer, do-er, hard-working athlete and performer. Sean Rice is now celebrating twenty-five years plus at the helm of the SeaJo partnership. During his elite athletic career and as a performer, Rice knew how to push his limits taking him to the next level of his abilities. Rice is known as a competitive person and technical guru. He has the ability to guide and coach people to their highest standard. As the founder and C.E.O., Rice’s entrepreneurial ingenuity, creative vision and passion for sports and entertainment, combined with education has enabled him to position SeaJo as an industry leader in the development, financing and production of world-class shows and events. Reciprocity from investing in people is key.

In 2010 Sean founded SeaJo Productions & Entertainment, Inc. with a vision to create a wonderful entertainment company with the environment and education in mind. As a performer and an executive producer of SeaJo he has a vision of building compelling entertainment that will impact the hearts of people around the globe. Rice has worked with some of the most talented personalities in the world. His awards and achievements are long and distinguished including being a Canadian Champion and a World Team Member for Canada 3 times in skating. Rice’s understanding of history and the present allows him to design, build, and contribute to the company’s mission. Very precise and focused Rice has a true passion to merge the different worlds of sport, the arts, music, dance, and circus to the ultimate world of creativity and technology of today creating the ultimate show experience with huge applause.

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