Canadian born world-class athlete, performer, producer, great leader, and wonderful person. The trust and confidence Jodeyne exudes has helped build the company into an industry leader in the creative development, choreography, coaching, financing, and production of high quality productions. Jodeyne is a member of SeaJo’s executive team responsible for long-term strategic planning and international business development.

Jodeyne has been awarded the keys to the City of Stratford, honored into the prestigious sports hall of fame  for her city, she has won the Canadian Championship Title four times, was a member of Canada’s World  and International Team, ranking in the top 10 of the world while representing Canada. She was also awarded Employee of the Year at Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines & received two Power of One Awards for her innovative & creative ideas. Her achievement in business and management is the driving force behind SeaJo’s business affairs.

The company has thousands of hours of producing and performing to its credit – including this year’s smash hit choreography and programs performed across  Canada, United States, England, Wales, France, and Germany. From coaching to television shows, and tours Jodeyne’s fingerprints are on every project. In addition to her role as President & Creative Director, Jodeyne also serves as an Executive Producer on SeaJo’s extensive roster of production experience. This dual function consists of handling the operations for both the production company and its education programming,  including strategic planning, financing, and business/legal affairs. Jodeyne’s strength lies in her ability to support the creative environment while managing financial and operational priorities to bring the company’s projects to the international marketplace.

Since 2010, President and Artistic Director Jodeyne Higgins has led SeaJo Productions & Entertainment with a tenacity and spirit to attract and showcase the best athletes, entertainment, and talent in the world to share exceptional experiences with audiences at home and abroad.


Her goals are to ensure the highest standard of excellence in her personal performance so that it may resonate to the others around her as well as her investment in significant productions to advance ice shows, the theatre arts, and circus arts. Today SeaJo is focusing on becoming a centre of excellence where talent, determination, and a commitment to high standards are producing shows of first rank.

“As in skating, the ice and sports are an integral part of the lives of Canadians and Americans who celebrate its grace, balance, speed, and power. It inspires all of us with a unique combination of movement and music to express the human spirit. By including the fine arts of singing, music, dancing, and also adding cirque arts it redefines how we can appreciate shows for all ages.” 

Jodeyne Higgins, Artistic Director



With amazing performances a unique and evolving repertoire of new and legacy works, SeaJo has toured internationally performing for millions of people. Through this showcase on the world stage, the company has the opportunity to share the excitement and momentum associated with SeaJo and its treasured audiences worldwide. As our reputation for innovation and use of technology continues to develop, new partners are seeking to collaborate with SeaJo, helping to reinforce our position as a leader in the entertainment world.

Equally important is ensuring that our culture in sports, the arts, and theatre remains accessible to all now and into the future. Wee believe that movement to music through skating, dance, music, and acting is innate to us all. SeaJo’s goals are to focus on the education and outreach programs seeking to enhance our culture in sport, the arts, and music along with the craftsmanship in cultural literacy for all communities around the world. SeaJo is an advocate that sport, dance, music, creativity, collaboration and self-expression are vital to a vibrant and modern society.

Learn more about SeaJo’s priorities and how you can get involved in helping in the education and fulfillment for our company of performers, athletes, and artisans of all trades whom will be the beneficiaries of your pledge.

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