Continue Your Lifelong Passion for Education, Sports, the Arts, and Music.

Planned giving is an important and meaningful way for you to contribute to SeaJo’s ongoing success. With your commitment for the future, you will associate your legacy of generosity with the beauty, athleticism, grace, and sound that inspire you today. A planned gift also gives you the satisfaction of knowing that future generations of athletes, artists, musicians, craftsmen and audiences will benefit from your dedication.

“To become a planned giving donor it takes just a little forward thinking and snap your a part of the SeaJo Donor family. Yet in return, it is so rewarding to be so close to something that fills so many hearts with joy which I love.”

Margret Alcott

A planned gift may allow for a more significant gift without affecting your current income level or than would be possible otherwise. Planned gifts also result in immediate or deferred tax benefits that may be customized to suit your personal financial goals.

Your legacy gift, of any size, can be directed either to SeaJo’s current priorities or be invested to benefit future generations. Depending on your wishes for how you want your bequest to have the greatest impact, leaving your gift to SeaJo will support the present season and artists, or a gift to SeaJo’s Endowment Fund will create an investment whose Planned Giving endures for the future leaving a legacy.

Please note that in making any changes to your will, or when creating a new will, you should consult with your own professional advisor such as a lawyer, financial planner or accountant.

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