A big part of SeaJo’s mission involves our direct public speaking engagements that reach out to inspire future generations and the people of today. We welcome the opportunity to share our ideas and experiences with people in the broader business community, sports, athletics associations, schools, colleges and universities, activists, designers as well as organizations working to implement solutions to the environmental crisis in the digital age. Our main goal is to show leadership using sport, the arts, education, business and the human spirit as a force for positive change.

We have an extensive list of topics to choose from in the form. Check it out!

Help us make informed decision about your request for a SeaJo representative to speak at your event, class or conference by kindly filling out the following questionnaire form. We love speaking to the like-minded and future generations of athletes, entrepreneurs and business people.

Make sure you take a good look at the list of topics we have prepared for our public speaking events listed below. There are some very fundamental topics we care a lot about. Leadership is all around us at SeaJo, and we live with a true commitment to inspiring positive change and sharing our stories on challenging the status quo. Check out our Experience Us page and see some of our wonderful speaking engagements.

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