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Whether it’s creating awe-inspiring spectaculars, to designing complex touring sets, working with theatre automation, corporate events or brand experiences, SeaJo works with the brightest minds in live event entertainment to bring the vision to life.

Our depth of understanding in cutting edge technologies human and robotic continues to advance SeaJo’s global brand capabilities. The team talent from SeaJo have coached, been trained, performed in, and supplied performers for some the highest watched shows and world touring shows including London 2012 Olympic and Paralymic Ceremonies, Dancing on Ice, Battle of the Blades, Royal Caribbean Productions, Spirits – Christmas on Ice, and many more.

Since day one in 1992, we have been committed to the future of sport, skating, and sport-entertainment, the arts, and production through quality, consistency, smart safety, ease of technical teaching, operation and most adamantly, continuous innovation. Along the way, every turn has meant challenges and opportunities to grow general sport–improving the production + entertainment experience as a whole.

Our goal is to utilize people and technology to drive and enhanced the customer experience through safety, knowhow, performance, sophistication and a heart beat. We are proud that today, after 26 years of dedication, the SeaJo brand is associated with these accolades and hallmarks that mean so much to us. 

Our history of developing our abilities to push the upper limits of the human spirit and body turbocharged our lives. Up to this point we have incorporated technologically advanced equipment, advanced electronics, advanced training, and standard safety technologies and the unique mental neuroscience training available. Our latest performances jet the vision, raises the bar even higher as it ushers in a new era in personal entertainment experiences and introduces the world to “the show.”

When you become a SeaJo Client or member of the family, you aren’t merely taking up a hobby, you are choosing a whole new lifestyle full of freedoms, choices and responsibilities unlike anything else. Our team members and clients reflect our standards; they demand the most impressive shows, exhilarating performance and cutting edge features. Together, we are devoted to these passions.

We’ve traveled far, but in many ways, we’re only just taking off. Join our family of owners, team members, and clients and become a part of the future today.

What Makes Us Different

Our Work, Our Passion and Our People means our business can only be as strong as the people running it. We set our standards high and we hire individuals who aren’t afraid of challenges and actually look forward to them.

It’s the people that have a true driving passion to be their best and take SeaJo to the next level daily who we focus on. To us politics and personal agendas are thrown out the door as we want to see all our people thrive from the teams success. 

Our team members have run their own businesses, designed life changing products and services for the betterment of mankind, consulted for Fortune 500 companies as well as competed at elite levels internationally, at the collegiate level, or professionally when it comes to sports. We look for the driving force inside of all of us.

Using our personal experiences and interests to define our companies core values and offerings allows us to strongly root our foundation and be grounded in sports, entertainment, fashion, and digital lifestyle categories so working with our partners and connecting with their audience comes naturally.

We Engage People In The Things We Create

Our passion for building shows and events is evident by training people to combine sports, circus, music, dance, the fine arts, and technology together creating blissful and mind blowing moments. We believe in going far beyond the normal world to create beautiful imagery and a higher level of sophistication. It takes a team of visionaries to make this magic happen.

We believe in great shows, events, and programs should tell a grand story which evokes emotions and feelings from deep within the heart and soul. We want to take the people in the seats into a dream world of passion and adventure making them want more. Great productions front of house and back of house position a our brand to be efficient and effective so it stands out on its own as well as it stands for something special.

The key to our success is that we embrace collaboration and demand that our strategists, designers and project managers work closely and directly with our clients through an iterative and agile process. We believe in being accessible, transparent and expect the brands we partner with to be just as forthcoming as we are.

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